Behind the Mons Royale Branding - Mons Royale Canada

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28 APRIL 2021  |  1 MIN READ

There has been a lot going on at Mons in the past year. One part of it has been developing a new identity.

Over a year ago we embarked on a journey to create a new logo and word marque that would become the new visual identity that represents Mons Royale globally.


Why did we do this?

You may have noticed our previous logo (or not). The problem was we never really had one, and because we have never actually had a logo, we have had little consistency with our branding. The new identity will create this consistency and allow us to be more low key with our branding when we need to.


There is a lot more to designing a logo than you might think… Our goal was to create an identity that represented the key pillars of Mons, which meant organizing and prioritizing all the characteristics that made up who we were.

Type Design

The logo is crafted from an upside-down mountain, which represents our unique view from the bottom of the world, and the bar represents Lake Wanaka the small mountain town that has shaped so much of what Mons Royale is today.