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Day 2 – Fundamentals

23 MARCH 2021  |  2 MIN READ

Breaking it down to build it back up. We drilled down into the fundamentals of progression on Day 2 with triple crown snowboarder Zoi Sadowski-Synnott’s coach Sean Thompson. Fresh from the World Champs in Aspen, Sean is on hand to mentor the group via zoom from his MIQ room in Auckland.   

His main take away was breaking down your tricks to the basics is fundamental.  


Charlie Lester-Rosson, from Rotorua is stoked to be part of the camp and was inspired by Sean’s words. “I’ve never been to Queenstown before so this is my first time here. This morning we had a session at Site trampoline which was awesome, getting some movement in the air and getting flow. Learning to control your body, get used to being airborn and then taking that and transitioning it to the bike.  

“We had a session with Sean which was awesome. So many great tips and awesome learnings, especially about fear. Conquering that and using it as motivation. Something I really took away from it was, do I want it more than it scares me. Or does it scare me more than I want it. Really focusing on that and bringing it to Wynyard.” 


The trampoline progression session at Site showed the riders how to run off the ramp onto the airbag and worked on the tramp with a specialized bike to get their aerial awareness up. This is the first time alot of these riders have ever worked on a tramp and for them it was a real eye opener. Building that base up and locking the moves in before moving it to the dirt.  

Wynyard Quarter Bike park was the venue for the afternoon of shredding. Mentors Emmerson Silken and Conor Macfarlane were on hand to help the riders, as they started hitting the jumps and getting some air. The newly installed airbag and mulch pit is a perfect set up for learning your trade and getting down to those FUNDAMENTALS.