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Day 1 – Together

23 MARCH 2021  |  2 MIN READ

Getting everyone together is the hardest part. That’s what they said and it was true, but ten riders descended on Queenstown this week with one goal in mind, to progress.

Future Ground – Together Better materialised.

The camp has been crafted to give the riders the tools they need to elevate their riding along the way. The first cab of the rank was to find out what the rider’s goals and aspirations were. Day 1 was all about getting their heads into the game and finding their flow.

Mons Royale House

With that in mind, they arrived at the Future Ground House amped, but with a tinge of nerves about how the week would go and what they each wanted to achieve. Surprisingly alot of the riders had never met before so Athlete Manager Ash was on hand to make intro’s and settle everyone in. She summed it up well, “there is a good amount of nervous energy, as what the camp will be starts to become a reality.”

Site Trampoline
Site Trampoline

First up, was an intro session at Site Trampoline to showcase how working on a trampoline can really benefit you and help with the aerial awareness for your riding, then a quick gear change for some fun laps on the famous Rude Rock trail known for its vista of the Wakatipu Valley. Banter was high over the shuttle laps as the group got into their groove.

The last run of the day was ripping it up on the newly built Hot Rod and ended at Cargo Brewery Bar who hosted the riders for a well-deserved dinner and debrief.

Join us as we move through the stages of progression over the coming days with the riders. Because let’s face it, we all love a bit of progression.

Vinny Armstrong